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A Window on an Unknown Situation

These are the various comprehensive and detailed dashboards offered by VEEZO :
General Information Dashboard: VEEZO provides a general information dashboard that offers an drill-down overview of your cybersecurity landscape, providing key metrics and insights into your network's security health.
Live Map of communications: With VEEZO, you can access a global map of connections, visualizing network traffic, domains requested and origins in real-time, helping you pinpoint potential threats and irregularities across geographical locations.
Detailed Event List Dashboard: VEEZO's detailed event list dashboard presents a comprehensive list of security incidents, allowing you to review and investigate incidents with precision, and it offers dynamic functionalities for efficient data analysis.
Spatial View of Attacks: VEEZO offers a spatial view dashboard that visually represents attacked items and their relationships within your network, aiding in the identification of targeted assets, the attackers and potential vulnerabilities.

VEEZO's dashboards are equipped with dynamic functionalities, enabling real-time interaction and customization to tailor the displayed data to your specific needs.VEEZO provides drill-down capabilities within its dashboards, allowing you to delve deeper into the details of security events and incidents for comprehensive analysis and informed decision-making. These dashboards empower organizations to gain deeper insights into their cybersecurity landscape, facilitating proactive threat detection and efficient incident response.

Improved communication between CIO and CEO through detailed dashboards and clear reporting

VEEZO's reporting system delivers comprehensive insights and information critical for maintaining a strong cybersecurity posture. It includes :

Incidence/Response Reporting: VEEZO's reports provide detailed information on a selection of security incidents and the corresponding response measures, enabling a thorough understanding and effective management of security events.
Analysis and Recommendations: The system conducts in-depth analysis of your security environment and offers actionable recommendations to enhance your security measures, helping you proactively address vulnerabilities and threats.
Permanent Diagnosis for Security Compliance: VEEZO's continuous diagnosis supports the acceleration of security compliance and maturity efforts by offering real-time insights into your security practices and areas for improvement.

By offering this comprehensive reporting package, VEEZO equips organizations with the information and guidance needed to fortify their cybersecurity defenses, ensuring a proactive stance against evolving threats and maintaining security compliance.

VEEZO offers a variety of reports to keep you informed about the security status of your network :

Legitimate/Malicious Activities & Actions Taken Report: VEEZO provides a detailed report that distinguishes between legitimate and malicious activities within your network. It also includes an account of the actions taken in response to these activities, helping you understand the effectiveness of your security measures.
Incident Report: In the event of a security incident, VEEZO generates an incident report that provides a comprehensive account of the incident, including its scope, impact, possible volume of data leaks and the steps taken to mitigate and resolve it. This report is crucial for post-incident analysis and compliance reporting.
Periodic Digest: VEEZO sends periodic digests that summarize key security events and insights over a specific time frame. These digests provide a concise overview of your network's security posture, allowing you to stay updated on the evolving threat landscape.

These reports offered by VEEZO enable organizations to proactively monitor, respond to, and manage security incidents while maintaining a clear understanding of their network's security status.

Customizable reports on request
If your request is relevant, VEEZO can tailor its reports to your requirements.
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