Who are we?

VEEZO, Virtual Security Officer crafted by ozOos, is a cutting-edge security solution spearheaded by Tanguy Derriks, an industry veteran with over 20 years of IT security expertise. The genesis of VEEZO dates back to 2015, recognizing the limitations of traditional security practices — they demanded excessive expertise, lacked visibility, underestimated threats, and were generally inefficient and non-collaborative. In response, VEEZO was collaboratively developed with international experts and partners to address these shortcomings.

Today, VEEZO is delivered as a service, embodying the vision and mission set by Tanguy. It stands as an independent solution, responsive to evolving security needs.


For effectiveness, every endeavor in researching, analyzing, understanding, or managing security is pooled to benefit a multitude of organizations. Success in countering threats and streamlining tasks comes from uniting expertise, efforts, experiences, and technologies. Together, we adopt tailored responses to enhance security collectively.


VEEZO is at the service of its beneficiaries and feeds off their experiences. The goal is to provide the most autonomous threat and incident management possible in the service of general IT hygiene.


ozOos is a high-value provider of advanced network security solutions and services.
It continually introduces new technologies to facilitate the implementation of complex security technology issues and prevent misuse and cybercrime.
It offers prevention, ethical hacking, training, security awareness and VEEZO services.


Tanguy Derriks : CEO

Emmanuel Taillieu : Business Strategy Director

ozOos - Drève Richelle 161 H/15|1410 Waterloo | Belgium | Tel : +32 2 880 79 47 | sales@veezo.org