The objective of VEEZO is to offer and maintain an IT security service for SMBs that is simple, self-managed, effective, adapted to real-time risk, easy for all to understand, competitive in terms of cost and based on new collaborative security technologies.

VEEZO turns the vast amount of security events into an easy to read and actionable report. In fact, VEEZO will add a virtual security officer to your staff, together with cloud based advanced collaborative and automated threat intelligence of the newest generation.

Cloud Based Operations

From anywhere, at any time, one customer can receive and review an alert including the context of the threat; time, source, destination, application, URI, type of threat and risk classification. Veezo adds an instant recommendation to faster and better apply the appropriate remediation and when possible which action the Veezo appliance has taken to mitigate the threat.

All devices like personal computer, smartphone, tablet is under the control of the solution and if they are the source or the target of an attack, this will be reported and intercepted. The result is a very strong reduction of the company’s exposure to attacks using its network and resources. VEEZO correlates security incidents or anomalies that are using the networks of the company, by precisely identifying the behavior of devices involved and the way the incident could occur.

Each customer, CISO, IT partner can benefit from a multi-role web based portal access, a comprehensive overview of the risk level, general activities and security related information, including geo-localization of possible threats. It offers customizable alerting and reporting facilities. Accessible from anywhere the portal gives the IT manager or the managing partner enough information’s for keeping a real-time and continuous eye on the behavior of each protected users.



24/7 security experts instantly respond to any security attack against your networks:

    Veezo is offered in two versions: The Standard and the Advanced mode, which offer preventive and instant threat mitigation

    We collect and securely store events from either Veezo appliance either Syslog capable UTM, including connection logs, IDP logs, Apps logs, AV logs, Web traffic logs, DNS queries, etc. for further analysis, contextual and behavioral analysis and reporting.

    Based on the events, we analyze the entire data with both internal and external databases (dynamic and updated at a regular basis), looking after malicious activity. This is the starting point of any further incident analysis/response followed by a contextual analysis, offering both root cause identification and traffic replay. Our engines and team are providing both immediate results of analysis and instant recommendations.

Our security assessment report gives you a threat analysis report that shows

    • Security related information on a dynamic dashboard
    • Defines the criticity level and reacts on threats detection
    • Malware-infected or compromised computers
    • Exploited vulnerabilities and most known attacks
    • Instant recommendations to protect your network or remediation when needed
    • Analyse and categorize the behavior using our collaborative threat intelligence engine

Service Features


We detect and protect

  • Apply instant mitigation profiling
  • Apply network behavior auto-learning
  • Protect against any known and new threats learned from our collaborative engine
  • Respond instantly to any threat
  • Identify and understand any network communication initiated from or targeting your assets
  • Analyze the asset’s behavior in real-time
  • Detect suspicious and malicious activities in real-time


We Analyze

  • Provide contextual analysis of any threat
  • Recommend actions to undertake if Veezo appliance can’t mitigate the threat
  • Add business risk evaluation
  • Track security incidents over the time
  • Audit all network activities in real-time


We communicate

  • Offer 24×7 security alerting service
  • Share the security related information’s with dynamic dashboard
  • Offer secure and multi-roles web portal access
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time including new customer enrollment
  • Offer scheduled plain-language reports

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